Hypnotherapy – Unraveling The Mysteries Behind It

Hypnosis and its subset, hypnotherapy, have always been mired in misconceptions. Some regard them to be occult whereas others reject them as pseudoscience. Following are some of the popular misconceptions about hypnosis and the reality behind them.

Hypnosis has no link with any sort of dark arts. Psychology and several other scientific disciplines have a critical role to play in the hypnotic procedure, and it is very simple to imbibe and practice. Even people who have observed hypnosis on others mostly refuse to acknowledge it. They say that hypnotized people allow practitioners to be successful in their art by not exhibiting enough mental strength to block the effect of their words. But that is simply not the truth. Even mentally strong people can fall under the spell of a specialist hypnosis practitioner.

Another myth is that hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, which again is a big misconception. A hypnotized individual is fully alert to what is going on around him. Hypnosis actually brings forth a state of complete relaxation characterized by a growth in levels of concentration, and this intensified sensitivity helps the subject to absorb suggestions with considerable ease.

Another misconception, which has been circulated by some scientists, claims that hypnosis can be applied on merely 5% of the human population. The researchers are to some extent true in their own way because they attempted hypnotizing the group by the same hypnosis method without acknowledging individual differences in nature and temperament. Hypnosis can’t be straight jacketed like that and works only if there are different methodologies for different characters.

Many people take hypnosis to be a variant of meditation. However, meditation is a purely personal feeling that has got no involvement of communication, whereas communication is a fundamental part of any successful hypnosis. The state of trance is not a hypnotic state either. Trance is again a state of mind devoid of any communication, on the other hand, communication forms the very basis of the hypnosis method.

A majority of people believe that it is impossible to bring about changes in one’s appearance and conduct through hypnosis training or hypnotherapy. Hypnosis obviously cannot attain something that is abnormal to the body. But it can bring about a development in physical health by changing behavioral patterns like overeating and chain smoking by raising inspiration levels in an individual.

Experiencing hypnotherapy is a fine way to lead a happy and satisfying life, and thus one must not pay heed to the misconceptions and go for hypnotic sessions with an unbiased mind.