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Bird of prey sickness is a typical dermatomyxitis, an infection of the dermatitis, can be found in numerous spots, particularly the foot rear area, toes, fingers, scalp, … The infection isn’t perilous. In any case, the skin sores cause patients torment, burden in living and work. The accompanying article, will enable you to peruse more about the ailment and in addition some restorative strategies.

What is horn?

It is a condition of fragmented changed horny portions, and the core and begetter cells have not yet changed into horns. Used to portray horny sores at areas, for example, fingertips, toes, heels, palms, bottoms of the feet, dermatitis, hypersensitive contact dermatitis.


Because of hereditary elements: Diseases can be acquired from grandparents, guardians make kids likewise have the infection up to 25%.

Because of reactions of the medication: Too much medication mishandle makes the body issue the arrangement of cells under the skin which causes psoriasis.

Natural factors: The site is unfavorably susceptible and powerless to contact with polluted water, soil, creature hide, … making unfavorably susceptible ectoparasites encourage section and advancement of pathogens. .

Unsafe synthetics: Due to the idea of work, they should be presented to the concoction condition, for example, fuel, oil, cleansers, trash, natural poisons, et cetera.

Absence of nourishment: People who eat less vegetables and vitamin insufficiencies, for example, vitamin A, C, D. E, … influence the nature of the horny layer.

Every individual has a dry skin structure, and the danger of infection is higher than that of others. Particularly when the climate changes, the high dampness in winter makes the body lose more water, the condition will be more regrettable.

Side effect

The infection showed most unmistakably in the leg as red skin, dry, chipping deficient. Dry skin isn’t clear limit, particularly in winter, splits in the base of the toe will break, dying.

Hand sign: dry hands with patches of layered, indistinct lines, skin and tingling. Now and then, when the skin is dry, the skin winds up flushed.

At the best: Scalp shows up on the scabular surface with the dandruff bungled, the layers of white cling to each other. At the point when the climate is dry, the infection turns out to be more regrettable, the peeling skin is more presented to the youthful horn, tingling can prompt uncovered and spread to the encompassing skin.

Falcon ailment is typically breaks, scabs are generally sticky and normally dry more dry than hazy white scales. Psoriasis, redness, horn, red layered skin.


It causes uneasiness, tingling and tasteful distress, influencing the life and work of the patient. This influences the wellbeing and confidence of the individual.

Individuals with hornbill are in danger of getting Parkinson’s ailment, gout, coronary ailment, and coronary vein infection, which are related with immune system issue in the skin.

The rate of diabetic ketohangi is 1.5 times higher than that of typical individuals, as coronary conduit illness is related with hypercholesterolemia.

Skin diseases, skin decay, splits, ulcers, draining will encourage bacterial section and cause superinfection.

A few cures are horn

Cure 1: Green tea washed, absorbed salt water for 10 minutes, bubbled 2 liters of water, weakened into warm water and utilize this water for 15-15 minutes in the hands. Perform consistently for a couple of days.

Cure 2: Take a bunch of soil, flush and cook with 2 liters of water, blended into warm water to wash the skin of horn.

Exercise 3: Pick a bunch of vegetables, wash and after that depleted, smashed and put straightforwardly on the horn skin, for 20-35 minutes. Make 1-2 times each day, work constantly for a couple of days.

Cure 4: Sliced ​​lemon and afterward utilized straightforwardly rubbing the horned skin, at first it will be marginally consuming, yet sooner it will feel more good. Consider 30 minutes, at that point wash with tepid water. Made in around 7-10 days, 2-3 times each day.

Exercise 5: Take a bunch of fig leaves and papaya leaves, washed, smashed, pressed juice. Potatoes peeled, cut into pieces and afterward steamed, pounded puree blended with juice. Apply this fix on the skin of the horn and utilize settled dressing to medium-term, delicately expel and wash. Rehash 5-7 days.

Cure 6: Use a bunch of leaves and a half grasshopper leaves, washed, cooked with 600ml of water until 300ml, include a little licorice, partition the drink amid the day. Drink consistently 5-7 days.

Cure 7: Get 12g steed head, 12g ginseng, 12g fire, 12g bisexual, 12g bio, sharp and 4 dishes of water, until a bowl, drinking when hot. Consistently for multi month, drink until the point that the ailment is out.

Cure 8: Take 12g each, including cheeks, horse head, copper chain, rice husk, dried organic products, red, dim ginseng, melon, honeysuckle, virgin, silver, , sharp with 4 dishes of water until the point that one bowl, drink two times every day. The bubbling water to add water to shower and apply to the skin.

Cure 9: Use a bunch of eucalyptus leaves yet not gold washed, bubble water. At that point add somewhat salt to blend.

At the point when chilly water can include the yellow powder disinfectant (purchased in drug store) blended to disintegrate. Utilize water to drench the horn skin for around 30 minutes, when splashing the skin mitigating delicate cleansers.

Exercise 10: Take 240g wild daisy, 500g cleaved pepper, 120g dried, 120g dried pepper, bubbled water shower, washed in the skin of hornbill for 30 minutes. Utilize shower water each day for the rash and flaky.

Article 11: 6g of pepper, 6g of daisies, 6g dry and 6g of pepper, heat up the skin of horn skin, wash routinely consistently until the fix.

Exercise 12: Take a bunch of cleaned elephant’s leaves, pound a couple of drops of salt, and afterward cover the skin with horn, utilize the bandage settled medium-term. The following morning, get up spotless, done all the time.

Exercise 13: Take around 7-10 leaves not washed, smashed and after that bubbled into water. Douse up the influenced skin territory for 25-30 minutes, do it frequently consistently.

Exercise 14: Use unpleasant melon, wash and bubble water day by day, keep on performing until the fix.

Substance 15: Take a bunch of mulberry leaves washed, depleted, dark beans simmered. Include the leaves and mung bean to bubble for around 20 minutes, expel the mash for drinking water amid the day.

Exercise 16: Ginseng onions washed, sharp to get drinking water day by day.


Can be anticipated by horn:

Point of confinement coordinate contact with synthetic compounds: hand sanitizer when washing dishes, washing garments, concoction cleaning, …

Try not to scratch, or rub against the influenced zone.

Wash the skin to evacuate horn however abstain from absorbing salt water and for a really long time.

Drink a lot of water to recharge dampness to keep your skin solid.

Have an eating regimen wealthy in green vegetables and organic product to give vitamins and protection from the body.

Ought to go to the doctor’s facility for examination and treatment when the infection demonstrates more extreme.

These solutions are for reference just, patients ought to counsel the doctor before utilize.